Day 91 — Roxanne Amico

Day 91: Bev’s take + Our stake in the story by Roxanne Amico

Posted on July 20, 2010 by dandelionsalad

by Roxanne Amico
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Spirit Morph Studio
July 20, 2010

Today is DAY NINETY-ONE in the BP crimes against our planet and people.  The corporatacracy of US-BP wants you to believe that because (they SAY) the “leak” is capped, the story is happily ended. NOT. First, the leak is NOT stopped.  Second, the story of their lies and murderous ways continues below.  Below first is a quote apropos to this post, and then

Pointe Aux Chenes, LA -- July 19: A crane flies past an oiled marsh. Officials are concerned about leakage near the reportedly capped well. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty images)

my commentary, and then another installment of (33) excerpts and links about what’s going on a mile below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, while the ticker tape tells us more tricks… [NOTE: I’ve been aiming for shorter more frequent posts with fewer links, but since my last post, my car has given me serious headaches and taken up a lot of energy and time.  I don’t like when my job and personal life derail my work, but sometimes I just have to ride that wave…Thankfully, writing is one of my rafts on that river…] Read more by clicking here.

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