Too Expensive to Teach — Sarah Schulte reports on ABC News

CPS holds job fair for displaced teachers

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sarah Schulte

July 29, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — Chicago Public Schools held a private job fair for displaced CPS teachers Thursday at McCormick Place.

Out of 600 schools, there are at least 70 schools that start in August that have teacher vacancies. While laid off teachers are hopeful, many are not holding their breath for a new job.

Hundreds of Chicago Public School teachers are spending their summer looking for a job. Budget cuts have forced many experienced teachers out the door. Yet, there are dozens of schools that have vacancies and are hiring.

“This is a job fair in which principals are coming to interview veteran displaced teachers who have a wealth of experience and could continue and should continue contributing to Chicago Public Schools,” said Rachel Resnick, Chicago Public Schools.

Chicago Public Schools invited 1,800 displaced CPS teachers to look for a job. While the idea is to hire veteran teachers, many who came to the fair say that is not what they are hearing from the principals.

“Most principals do not want to hire veterans who have been in the system for a long time,” said Norma Brown, displaced teacher.

Krystal Garrett is looking for a special education job. She carries with her years of experience, a master’s degree and she is working on her doctorate. Her education places her in a higher pay scale which she says is a problem.

“I have seven principals tell me I’m too expensive,” said Garrett.  [For more and a video of this story click here]

Louder Than A Bomb — Poetry Hits the Big Screen in NY & LA

This is louder than a shout out!  This is a SCREAM OUT to all my friends in NY & LA — you MUST NOT miss Louder Than A Bomb, the youth poetry slam documentary from Chicago.  And, “tell whoever you send [this info to] that if they go, we guarantee three things: 1.) they will laugh, 2.) they will cry, and 3.) they will leave the theater thinking the world is a better place than when they walked in.”


“Louder Than a Bomb will be screening in New York City and Los Angeles as part of the 2010 DocuWeeks Theatrical Documentary Showcase, which is designed to qualify films for consideration for the Academy Awards.

The film will have a weeklong run at the IFC Center in Manhattan (July 30-August 5), followed by a weeklong run at the ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles (August 6-12),” Kevin Coval writes. “It’s an amazing opportunity, but in order to take advantage of it, we need to pack the house at all 28 screenings.”

Read about Kevin Coval here.

Read more about the film here (and see a trailer too)