July 31 — The Defense of Public Education

The Defense of Public Education

Chicago, Milwaukee and Los Angeles are focal points of resistance to the privatization and further destruction  of public education.

We are excited to say that teacher and community activists from these three centers of activity will converge here in Chicago to share experiences and discuss strategy :

L.A. teachers were pivotal in organizing demonstrations against cutbacks throughout the California system uniting battles in higher ed. with those in K-12.

L.A. teachers helped to organize trinational conferences to defend public education, involving educators from Canada, Mexico and the US

Milwaukee teachers connected to a powerful community movement that stopped a mayoral takeover of the city schools like Mayor Richard Daley was able to do here.

And of course, in Chicago — which is the prototype of the federal government’s education planning —  a Caucus Of Rank-and-file Educators has defeated the incumbent teachers union leadership and, in partnership with a wide-ranging Grass Roots Education Movement led a massive battle against school closings, turnarounds and cutbacks.

This is a remarkable opportunity to find leaders of the education movement that is sweeping the country in the same room. Be part of this discussion!  Use the attached flyer to invite other folks you know!

Saturday, July 31, 7-9 pm
UIC  School of Education  1040 W. Harrison (@ Morgan)
Commons Room — Room 3233

this event is co-sponsored by CORE (the Caucus Of Rank-and-file Educators of the Chicago Teachers’ Union), TSJ (Teachers for Social Justice) and Los Angeles Teachers and Activists

Click on this link to print a flyer for this event: The Defense of Public Education