Rigoberta Menchu on the situation in Honduras

Honduras: Call of Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, on the Situation in Honduras

To the international community and all democratic forces in the continent and the world.

I have confirmed on the spot the attempt to deprive the fraternal people of Honduras of their sovereignty, democratic institutions and dignity. I have also observed how Honduran citizens are defending their rights and their decision at the polls to democratically elect President Manuel Zelaya. I have also verified how, in the light of the military coup orchestrated by the traditional economic and political powers of Honduras, the human rights of Hondurans are being violated.

I once again bear witness to the fact that de facto government refuses to engage in dialogue, or negotiations, let alone to take steps to restore the constitution and democratic institutions. It has also ignored and violated numerous resolutions emanating from the Organization of American States and the United Nations.

Today at the imminent risk of violence directed against President Zelaya, the embassy of Brazil in Honduras and the social movement of the Honduran people, I call for:

1. Respect for and guarantee of the life, physical and
psychological integrity of President Manuel Zelaya, his associates and the diplomats in the headquarters of the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras.

2. Full respect for the diplomatic inviolability guaranteed
by the Vienna Convention and an end to harassment of the headquarters of the Brazilian Embassy ordered by the de facto government.

3. Respect and guarantee of freedom of expression and opinion,
of life, of the fundamental rights of those who express and demonstrate for themselves, and for the democratic rights and freedoms of the many Hondurans who have been illegally detained.

Guatemala September 23, 2009

Rigoberta Menchú Tum
Nobel Peace Prize

Google translation revised by Norman Girvan


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