Ode to a Spinal Cord: Poem for April 28, 2015

Ode To A Spinal Cord

Lew Rosenbaum

Behold the circuit running in a conduit,PT May 2015 Freddie Grey

Careful, braided, intertwined

Sets of neurons, leading from the

Stem of the brain

Sheathed in a cover, a skin

Called a nurturing mother,

Enveloped in bone casing,

Bones that articulate, where they meet,

So that they bend

And offer crevices through which

Nerves, creeping, encircling ivy tendrils, emerge

At different levels

Signals fly along the pathways

To muscles of the rib cage,

To augment breathing;

To femoral muscles to

Initiate a kick;

To the biceps

So the arm reaches down

To allow the hands,

To message the fingers

To cradle a sleeping baby.

Death to the Nazi class

Who severed Freddie Grey’s

Spinal cord.


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