Plant Seeds Now/This Will Be A Lean Winter

Plant Seeds Now/This Will Be A Lean Winter

by Lew Rosenbaum20140221_172544_resized

Early November and

Thick-furred, fat, gray squirrels

Scamper collecting fallen berries

And seeds and detritus of donuts and doritos.

This will be a lean winter.

The burly, balding, square-jawed janitor

Stops me, his steel-gray eyes soften

As the afternoon light fades.

He cradles in his callused palm

A shivering warbler, orange breast heaving,

He’d found it lying on the cold cement walk,

Picked it up, warmed it back to life,

Now opens his fingers,

Sets it free to fly South.

It will be a cold, lean winter.

In Berrien County, Michigan,

The court found Reverend Edward Pinkney

Guilty of five vote-fraud felonies

For exercising his democratic rights.

He may get life,

Though there is no evidence

He forged anything.

It will be a lean, cruel winter.

Diana points to the marigolds,

Lemon, ochre, deep orange, bountiful

As they catch the dusting of snow flurries,

Hastily going to seed

Before winter’s onslaught.

She reminds me that

Seeds settling in fertile soil in dark times

Bloom gloriously

After the lean, lethal winter,

In the revolution of the Spring.


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