Lower Wacker Drive and the Homeless

Lower Wacker Drive is once again a place that homeless gather, recently documented in this report.  After two years of renovation, Lower Wacker is once again open to traffic, and at least for the time being, the homeless can find some refuge away from the bluster of the icy winds and snow.  Wacker has always been some kind of refuge in a city that will not care for the destitute.  Here is a photo that appeared in the Oct. 11, 1930 edition of the Federation News, the weekly paper of the Chicago Federation of Labor.

Homeless City on Lower Wacker Drive

Homeless City on Lower Wacker Drive (note Krochs Bookstore sign in the back)


2 Responses to “Lower Wacker Drive and the Homeless”

  1. Chuck Jines (@GritStreet67) Says:

    Hello, and thanks for the link! I’m Chuck Jines, the author of the article that you linked to. I’m about to publish a book on Lower Wacker, and was wondering about the photo you have here. I went to the Chicago library in an attempt to locate the original source of the photo. Apparently it’s from the October 11th 1930 Federation News, Chicago Federation of Labor Vol 24 #15. Would you happen to have an information on the original source of the photo and possible copyright? Thanks for your time.

    • Lew Rosenbaum Says:

      Hello Chuck, apologies for taking so long to get back to you. The photo was taken by Burke and Koetke. I know the Richard Daley Library at UIC has an archive of negatives and some photos including those of Burke and Dean. They may have these as well. If so, the copyright for the original lies with them. As you can tell from the blog page, the photo copy is taken from the Federation News of the date you cite. The CFL maintains an archive of the Federation News going back to the 19-teens in bound volumes.

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