Film Showing & Discussion: King and Chicago Then And Now

King and Chicago:  Then and Now
Sunday Jan. 15
7:15- 9 pm @ Mess Hall
6932 N Glenwood (@Morse Ave)On the occasion of Martin Luther King’s birthday, city of Chicago politicians may decide this week that the kind of protests, for which Dr. King is famous, will be illegal. Occupy Rogers Park has our own plan to celebrate this important date. We begin a series of educational programs with King in Chicago, a video presentation and discussion of Chicago then & now, similarities and differences, race and class, featuring

• Allen Harris: journalist and member of Occupy the South Side,

• Joe Peery: Founding member of the Chicago Gary Area Union of The Homeless in 1986. Led effort to fill public housing’s empty units with homeless during the 1980s and 1990s. Formerly a Youth Organizer in Cabrini Green. Former resident of Cabrini Green. Currently a reporter for the People’s Tribune. Currently a resident in the mixed income housing that was built to replace Cabrini Green and fighting the unequal apartheid like treatment of CHA residents residing there.

Dinnerluck/potluck precedes program, which begins at 7:30 sharp, Mess Hall, 6932 N Glenwood just south of Morse. Presented by Occupy Rogers Park, in conjunction with Mess Hall.


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