World Poetry Movement: A Leap Forward


The World Poetry Movement (WPM)/Movimiento Mundiale de

Poesia (MMP) is pleased to announce to the world its next major

event, which is called:


       A      LEAP      FORWARD

and will take place E V E R YW H E R E on the Leap-year Day

and Night, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY  29, 2012. The Co-

ordinating Committee of the WPM/MMP urges all poets, groups

involved with poetry throughout the world, to begin organizing

events in their particular areas—-whether it involves cities, small

towns or villages—under the umbrella of A LEAP FORWARD.


It may seem only a coincidence but the Occupy Wall Street move-

ment that began of September 17. 2011 occurred within the process

of the call for 100 Thousand Poets for Change, the WPM event that

manifested on September 24 of last year. And we have seen that,

with th Occupy movement bursting out and proliferating all over,

“there’s a poem being written by the people of the world” and it is

filled with cries for justice and real democracy, with all the aspects of

life—-from the economic to the ecological—that were part of the very

formation of the WPM itself, simply because they are part of the fabric

of people’s yearnings everywhere.

Events that will be multiple leaps forward under A LEAP FORWARD

moniker—events with poets who, in the past year, (what with Tunisia,

Egypt, Wisconsin, to name but a few), have been catalyzed by dynamic

inspiration and realize their consciousness of the world has grown by

leaps and bounds, can reveal those passionate leaps as part of the great

flow of events on Leap-year Day and Night, 2012, and collectively move

the whole world forward toward the democracy that all of us are dying

for and want to attain before we die.

         Let the WPM/MMP know where your event will be held by writing:                      


Let’s Organize The Greatest Poetry Events In The History Of The Word

                            And The World By Taking

               A LEAP FORWARD

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