Note of Hope: Woody Guthrie Centennial Album

Woodrow Wilson Guthrie was born July 14, 1912.  Woody would be 100 next year, and the Guthrie Foundation web site is coordinating a series of events celebrating Woody’s life and music.  The first of many events leading up to 2012 is the release of Note of Hope, a CD featuring Jackson Browne, Ani Di Franco, Tom Morello and a host of others.  The first single from the album has just been released:  Jackson Browne doing “Note of Hope.”  Click here to find out more about the single and the album, also titled “Note of Hope.” And you can listen to the song here as well!

Click here to go to the Guthrie Foundation web site and see more about Woody and the upcoming celebrations!  The link to the Guthrie Centennial is at the bottom of the page, or click here.


One Response to “Note of Hope: Woody Guthrie Centennial Album”

  1. Eric Daniel Says:

    Methinks you ought hire a proof reader…

    If Woody was (…actually ‘will’ be) born when you say was (..will be) then he’s not going to be 100 for quite some time.


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