Daley Claims a Golden Parachute; Teacher Gets Dumped – Ben Joravsky

Daley Claims a Golden Parachute; Teacher Gets Dumped.

Story by Ben Joravsky in The Reader.

Mayor Daley’s had a great run over the last few weeks.

Since leaving office May 16, he has, let’s see, landed a gig at the University of Chicago, where he’ll have to “coordinate” a handful of lectures in exchange for a reported $100,000 a year.

That would be the same University of Chicago that last year was part of a development team receiving the OK for a $20 million handout from the mayor’s good old tax increment financing honeypot to help build a hotel, retail, and office complex in blighted (ha, ha, ha) Hyde Park.

Daley also got a gig as a lawyer for Katten Muchin Rosenman, the firm that employs his best friend, Terry Newman, and racked up more than a million bucks in legal fees from advising the city on such privatization schemes as the parking meter lease deal.

Thanks a lot for that one, fellows.

Then there’s the company the ex-mayor’s reportedly launching with his son, Patrick, which will be seeking overseas investors for deals in Chicago. Not to mention his speaking engagements and prospective book deals.

As my colleague Mick Dumke put it, they’re all steps in Daley’s “ongoing privatization of himself.”

Oh, wait, can’t forget his pension—about $184,000 a year.

To paraphrase the great Johnnie Taylor, it might have been cheaper to keep him around.

In contrast, consider the case of Anthony Skokna, 56, who was unceremoniously dumped from his job as a history teacher at Marshall High School, just about two years shy of claiming any of his pension. He’s been applying for jobs all over town, but no one will hire him, most likely because he’s too old. Click here to read more.


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