Re-Enactment Of Haymarket Massacre April 30, 2011

Several events took place to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Haymarket, the even that spurred the May Day holiday. This is one of them. The photos are of the actual reenactment April 30, 2011.

The meeting 125 years ago had been peaceful and was coming to a conclusion about 10 pm. Mayor Carter Harrison, who was in the crowd, walked to the police station nearby and told the chief to send his forces home. Instead, the chief dispatched 176 officers to the scene. Here, marching across Randolph, North on DesPlaines, these "police" retrace the steps of the officers who attacked the 200 people left in the square 125 years ago

The wagon that is part of the sculpture in Haymarket Square reprises the makeshift platform from which the speakers addressed the crowd 125 years ago. Actors portraying the Haymarket martyrs and Lucy Parsons addressed the reenactment crowd.

Historian Tim Samuelson narrated the reenactment, pointing out the points of historic interest along the way. As the evening wore on 125 years ago, it began to rain and people talked about moving the rally to Zepf Hall (some of the crowd had actually gone there before the police charged). This is a picture of the building, still standing, that was then Zepf Hall.

The Haymarket monument sculpted by Mary Brogger was placed in Haymarket Square in 2004, located just north of Randolph on DesPlaines


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