Journal Of Ordinary Thought: Plenty Of Napkins

[Earlier this month we posted an announcement of the release party for the current Journal of Ordinary Thought.  The title of this issue of the Journal, I Always Like Plenty Of Napkins, comes from the poem included below.]

And, from our next issue of the Journal of Ordinary Thought, “I Always Like Plenty of Napkins: JOT Writers on Food,” an excerpt:

Ramiro Rodriguez
St. Leonard’s House workgroup

The three people that I would like to
have dinner with are Salma Hayek,
my friend Daliq Tapia, who is in Abu
Dhabi right now, and Eva Mendez. It
would be a dream date!

First, they will sit me down, bringing
me a glass of water and plenty of napkins.
I always like plenty of napkins.

Then each of them will ask me what
I’d like to eat. So, I pick my most
favorite dish for my favorite person: I
tell Daliq to make a torta de carne
asada. I tell her to put her love,
trust, and confidence in the torta.

Then, I tell Salma to make me a salad
with plenty of cheese. I tell her to
put her admiration and affection in
the salad.

Lastly, I tell Eva to make me a cheesecake.
I tell her to put her compassion
and devotion in the cheesecake.

[The reading will be held Tuesday, March 15.  Click here for details]


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