Guild Complex Presents Palabra Pura: One Poet, One Poem Event

One Poet/One Poem Event with past Palabra Pura Readers and 2011 Curators
Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Time: 7:30pm
Cost: Free
Location: La Bruquena, 2726 W. Division

Celebrating the past and looking toward the future, this cavalcade of readers will be a mix of past writers from PP’s six-year history and the dream team of guest curators creating this year’s exciting season. And it’s all happening at PP’s brand new venue, Humboldt Park’s La Bruquena. So come grab some food/drink, reminisce on past palabras and get a preview of what’s to come.

Appearing at Palabra Pura kick-off:

Eduardo Arocho

Beatriz Badikian

Roger Bonair-Agard

Cristina Correa

Carlos Cumpián*

Rafael Franco-Steeves*

Jorge Frisancho

Juana Goergen*

Gregorio Gomez

Irasema González

David Hernández*

Leon Leiva Gallardo

Miguel López Lemus

Olivia Maciel

Elizabeth Marino

Carmen Alicia Murguía

Bernardo Navia

Yolanda Nieves*

Raul Niño

Jennifer Patiño

Coya Paz

Xenia Ruiz

Jacob Saenz

Luis Tubens

Luis Humberto Valadez*

Febronio Zataraín


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