What Can Workers Win In Wisconsin?

What can workers win in Wisconsin?

by Sheilah Garland-olaniran on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 9:13pm

I think we are in extraordinarily revolutionary times coming behind a very long period of anti-communism, anti-socialism, really anti-democracy.  But, we know from history when we enter a revolutionary period people will think and subsequently do things they never thought they would do. We all know that economics determines politics and yet the working class is without it’s own political organization, except the unions.  Unions are bargaining this thing from a reality rooted in the past era of industrialism…those strategies are stale and concessionary.

We need strategies that are rooted in the era of globalized technology…since we are moving toward production with less and less labor which is at the root of the general crisis of capitalism, we can ultimately fight for a complete reorganization of society based on the new tools of production and and one where the necessaries are publically owned by workers.

No matter which democrat is in office or if the house is dominated by democrats, they will carry the water for the corporations..this is why we cannot look to individuals to resolve this crisis, we have to call the entire undemocratic system into question.  People, very rightly have pointed to corporations as part of the problems and wholesale sale/theft of the public necessaries by our government representatives is galling while more and more families fall into devastating poverty. Clinton, another democrat..eliminated “welfare as we know it.” Welfare was extended unemployment benefits, since we don’t have a system that provides for workers beyond 6 months of unemployment…I remember when general assistance was eliminated in MI, 1992, 120 workers froze to death that first winter… I imagine there a lot of workers out there who would love to get some general assistance and many of them most likely supported the elimination of the very public assistance they could have today.

At a rally in Orlando yesterday, there were workers chanting..”what do want?  revolution”  this in Orlando, FL!! The “conservative/libertarian/republican” nurses I work with just want to fight for a resolution to the problems.  If the goal is to declare victory by “saving collective bargaining” while the floor is yanked from underneath workers and the Koch brothers are able to either buy off or gain control of the state’s publically owned utilities, then what has been gained? Not only will workers have lost wages but they will now be forced to pay what the “market” dictates for utilities…

I think the more the general crisis of capitalism unfolds, more folks will be pulled into activity. I also think many workers will feel they won something if they “save” collective bargaining.  I also think that when the next round of cuts, pay-offs and privatization occurs, those same workers will not be so easily duped.

There are rumblings in the ethernet calling for a General Strike July 4th. But the issue is what will the General Strike Demand…and what can we hope to win?


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