Chicago Public Schools Myths and Realities: A Forum

[Read this in conjunction with the two articles that precede this one: The Sun-Times article on privatizing city “assets,” and Wisconsin’s assault on public sector workers. — Lew Rosenbaum]



Tuesday, March 1, 2011
UIC Forum (725 W. Roosevelt St, Chicago, IL, 60607)


In the midst of campaigns and debates for the 2011 Chicago mayoral election, we hear many proclamations and promises about what it means to improve public schools.  But how does each candidate compare to what we know so far from research about the real problems and solutions?  In January 2011, dozens of education researchers from throughout Chicagoland formed CReATE (Chicagoland Educational Researchers and Advocates for Transformative Education) and released a fact sheet, titled, “Chicago School Reform: Myths, Realities, and New Visions” (available below). To discuss this fact sheet, and to examine ways that it converges with the work of community organizations, CReATE invites the people of Chicago to join this Public Forum as we explore next steps in the movement to improve public education.

To read the whole report, click here.


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