100th Anniversary: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

[ In previous posts on this blog, we’ve discussed this important event and the creative expressions that emanated from the tragedy (Poetry Anthology: Walking Through the River of Fire; Centenary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire; Julia Stein’s Bibliography of Triangle Fire Poetry, Plays, Novels and Literary Criticsm).  The time is approaching when commemorations will be held throughout the country.  Workers United, the union that is the successor/descendant of the original garment workers unions of the 1911 era, holds annual events to commemorate the fire;  this year the union is hosting a web site that is collecting and sharing information on the activities around the country, as well as promoting the many events local to New York.  You can find that information at Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition. You will also find on that site a portal to a great deal of resource information on the fire and its consequences. The following post gives information just received from Leigh Benin, an author of a forthcoming book on Triangle.

In particular, however, we urge you in Chicago to save the date of April 7, 2011. On that date Chicago will be participating in these commemorations with two programs, one in the late afternoon at Gage Gallery of Roosevelt University (18 S. Michigan)  and in the evening at the 430 S. Michigan building of Roosevelt University (as part of the annual gala presented by the Working Women’s History Project).  More information to follow shortly! — Lew Rosenbaum]

In New York:  Save the Date

Thursday, March 3, 2011: 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Adelphi University Performing Arts Center

Arcadia Press new book on Triangle will be available Feb. 28, 2011.

Garden City, New York

Meet authors/film makers reception 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Light Refreshments

[To reserve seats for this free but ticketed event, RSVP to Rob Linne Linne@adelphi.edu or Leigh Benin Benin@adelphi.edu]

Remembering the Triangle Fire

An evening of film, talk, music, and theatrical performance

Sponsored by:

Adelphi University

The Education and Labor Collaborative

The Triangle Fire Families Association

Original Music by the Adelphi University Music Department

Film Preview: HBO’s soon to be aired documentary “Triangle: Remembering the Fire”

Panel Discussion of people featured in the film will be moderated by Roma Torre of NY 1

Daphne Pinkerson: Director and Producer

Michael Hirsch: Co-Producer

Bruce Raynor: President, Workers United

Katherine Weber: Author, Triangle

Leigh Benin, Co-Author, The New York City Triangle Factory Fire

Suzanne Pred Bass, Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition

Vincent Maltese, Triangle Fire Memorial Association, Inc.

Short Original Theatrical Performance by the AU Theater Department

Order the book by Leigh Benin, Rob Linné, Adrienne Sosin, & Joel Sosinsky here


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