Background Behind Privatization of Education/Take-Aways of Teacher Rights

[First point is that teachers are public workers, emphasis on workers. The issue of professionalism really is an divisive issue, intended

Illinois teacher union leaders (above) testifying at the December 16, 2010, hearings on "Performance Counts" were (left to right) Karen Lewis (Chicago Teachers Union), Dan Montgomery (Illinois Federation of Teachers) and Ken Swanson (Illinois Education Association). Substance photo by George N. Schmidt.

to create via semantics a chasm between groups of workers.  As workers, teachers have the rights of any worker, minimally the rights of due process that union organization confers.  Tenure, seniority, bumping rights — all of these relate to defenses against arbitrary actions taken by employers against workers.  Currently the “Performance Counts” attack against teachers in the Illinois State Legislature follows a long tradition of efforts to undermine the organization of teachers and other unions as well.  The on line edition of Substance reports that today the legislation was defeated (for now). The link below documents that long tradition,  from before the Amendatory Act of 1995 which gave the Mayor control of the Chicago Public Schools.  Remember that Substance News is your key to following Chicago education battles!  — Lew Rosenbaum]


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