The Chicago Mayoral Election and the Arts

With six weeks to go in the mayoral election to replace Richard Daley, things are getting tense.  Rahm Emmanuel, Gery Chico and Carol Moseley Braun come to the table with extensive corporate and political baggage from their previous experience.  City Clerk Manuel del Valle has toiled in the trenches as a public servant and has earned the respect of progressives over the years, from his days with the Harold Washington administration through his long tenure in the state legislature to, most recently, his efforts as City Clerk to promote transparency in the otherwise dense atmosphere called city government.  The attached link goes to a Time-Out Chicago survey which focuses on the arts and gives us the best view of what candidates think about this city and the arts.

When a change takes place in the dynastic succession, there is a moment in which it is possible to  discuss a politics that is independent of the corporations that control Chicago. That moment is now.  The  the campaign to elect Manuel del Valle mayor of Chicago offers the best opportunity to break free from the Commercial Club of Chicago.  Click Time Out Chicago Survey.


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