Chris Drew Prepares For His Trial: Art and Free Speech

First the Fun:
Nancy Bechtol’s video from our December 21st Art Patch Project Winter Solstice art give-away.
(Click the link to see the artists giving away silk screened patches on Michigan Avenue).

Then the sobering sun:
On my blog I write about the printing on New Year’s Eve at the Chicago Critical Mass and tell what I think Jeff Allen of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has planned for my trial.
Here is a selection from my blog  (Click the link to read more):

“Now to the evidence which suggests the State’s Attorney’s strategy. Mr. Allen begins in his opening statement of the motion describing the arresting officer as doing a terrorism/counter-terrorism walk looking for terrorist activity when he encounters me (page 10-11). Mr. Allen then fast forwards to the police station where in my red poncho, in a cellophane sandwich bag the inventorying officer finds a digital audio recorder and notes that a red light indicates it is on and recording. Mr. Allen continues to suggest my devious intent is to spy on the Chicago Police Department by stressing that this recorder has captured the secret sounds of the arresting officer’s hand radio during the arrest and now is a bug in the tactical office where police planning for undercover activities takes place. Thus, I am said to be spying on the head of the Homeland Security team leader and planting a bug in the tactical unit office of the Chicago Police Department, the State’s Attorney, Jeff Allen, claims.

In summary, the State’s Attorney’s plan to prosecute me appears as follows. The arresting officer is on a terrorist watch walk. He encounters a possible suspect breaking the law. The suspect is seeking to be arrested with the intent of spying on the officer who is the head of the Homeland Security detail and of spying on the Chicago Police Department by secreting a bug in his leather bag to smuggle the bug in his bag into the tactical office of the Chicago Police Department to undermine their efforts to protect the public from terrorists. This crime deserves the 1st class felony charge, one step below attempted murder, to deter terrorists from attacking the security apparatus of the United States of America in this manner. Mr. Allen is saving your lives by prosecuting this dangerous artist!”

I will appear in court on January 12th at 26th and California in room 602 at 9:30 for a status hearing. After that I will report back to you. We may set a date for trial in March at that hearing. Your attendance at my trial is important.

Click to  Read Selections from the Court Records (pdf format)

If you wish to explore the 148 page transcript without reading it all to understand my thinking here are the pages where I have found my evidence. Pg10-11, Pg 13-16, Pg 40-45, Pg  67-69, Pg 71-73, and Pg 90.


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