Getting Organized in Hard Times

Hard Times was a novel by Charles Dickens.  Hard times is the phrase that has come to mean how bad our economy is, emphasis on our.  Meaning, can we survive until tomorrow or the next day?  The advertising slogan for the trade union movement has been, for years, “the people who brought you the weekend.”  Now we find the trade union movement at its nadir, with fewer than 10% of public and private workers organized into unions.  There is no surprise for this really.  The United States remains one of the last industrial bastions that legally inhibits unions.  Walmart has become the poster boy for defying unionization; but Starbucks and Whole Foods tout their progressivism while breaking union movements in their workplaces.  This has prompted some unorthodox methods of organization among non-union workers, and the Chicago Center for Working Class Studies is holding a panel to discuss and evaluate these activities.

Hold the date:

December 10, 3-5 pm

Roosevelt University

Gage Gallery  —  18 S. Michigan Ave.

Here is a pdf-flyer ( Getting Organized 2 ) for an event that promises some insights into new forms of organization for workers not now in unions.


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