10th Annual Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair November 20, 2010

[Go to this site to find out more about TSJ, the annual fair, to exhibit curriculum that you use in your classroom, or to reserve a table to present resource materials that will be useful for teacchers in classroom situations or elsewhere.  Register to attend and also figure out how you can volunteer. This is a fantastic opportunity that brings hundreds of teachers, parents and students together every year to learn from and inspire each other. Note that the deadline for applications has been extended to November 7 for curriculum exhibits and resource tables. — Lew Rosenbaum]


10th Annual Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair, Nov. 20, 2010!

October 16, 2010 

We are very excited that this November 20, 2010 will be the 10th Annual Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair, sponsored by Teachers for Social Justice (Chicago) and co-sponsored by Rethinking Schools. This year’s theme is “Another Education is Possible, Another World is Necessary!”

In “science fair” format, and completely grassroots volunteer-organized, the Curriculum Fair will provide over 600 educators, activists, parents, youth & community members with a space to share curricula, ideas & resources. We’ll be making friends & building relationships, exploring ideas & projects, connecting our histories & struggles. All in a spirit of social justice and education for liberation.

K-12 Teachers will be on hand with poster-board visuals to discuss their favorite curriculum (please sign up!), local & national organizations will have tables to share relevant resources & books, and community leaders will be facilitating dialogue through a number of workshops on various & vital issues.

And don’t forget the always-uplifting keynote speakers… to be announced soon!

Lunch is provided for all, to sustain us as we move through our day. Live art, paintings & banners from local movement artists will inspire & amaze, and there’s even word (or rumor!) of a raucous after party in the mix…

We hope you’ll help us shape this space to be accessible for people with disabilities, accommodating to folks with language & dietary needs, and safe for all folks to be their full selves.

Register, volunteer, come to a meeting! We’ll appreciate you dearly! Click here for more!


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