Revolutionary Poets Brigade New Book — Jack Hirschman


Dear Friends, Brigadistas and Other Book Lovers,

Forgive this rather impersonal note, but this seems to be the most expedient way to reach many folks.

Monday morning the printer will begin work on the massive Revolutionary Poets Brigade Anthology.

The book will be 380 pages in length, comprising 76 poets from 25 countries. And it will be multilingual.

At the first of three November launches (see below), the book will be available. The price of the book at the launches will be $12.

In the bookstore it will be $18.

But I and co-editor Mark Lipman of the Caza de Poesie ( who is publishing the book) agree that a pre-publication price for each book should be $10 to interested parties.

Members of the Brigade who are in the book of course each will receive a free copy of the Anthology. If they want others, they also will pay $10 a copy.

Some members already have ordered as many as 10 copies, others 6, 5, etc.

If anyone wants just one copy, that is fine too of course.

The way to get your copy is to send me a check for the amount of books you want. I will of course know by the amount you send and will make a notation of the amount of books and get them to you at the launches or through the mail if you will not be at the launches.

Make the check out to me and send it to the address below:

Jack Hirschman

POB 26517

San Francisco

CA 94126

Please send the check as soon as possible if you wish the Anthology. And do tell your friends that the most important Anthology in years is about to be published.

The November launches are:

1. Sunday Nov. 7, 7:30p.m.—Kaleidoscope Free Speech Zone, 3109 24th Folsom

2. Thursday Nov.11, 7:30 p.m.—The Beat Museum, Broadway nr Columbus

3.  Thursday Nov. 18, 6:30 p.m—Readers Café—Fort Mason Building C


All Good Wishes,



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