The Fifth Sun on CD: A Modern Morality Play of Politics, Piety and Sacrifice

The Fifth Sun on CD:

A Modern Morality Play of Politics, Piety and Sacrifice

07 September 2010

Actors Scene Unseen proudly announces its latest audio CD and 2011 Spoken Word Grammy entry, The Fifth Sun by playwright Nicholas A. Patricca, directed by Elizabeth Peterson-Vita and engineered by James Vita.

On March 24, 1980, while saying Mass, Oscar Romero, the Archbishop of San Salvador, was assassinated.  This powerful and acclaimed play presents the story of the people and the forces that transformed an ordinary man into a courageous leader. The Fifth Sun combines elements of ancient tomb rituals, Mayan temple dramas and medieval morality plays into a contemporary dramatic structure in which we see a human being ultimately embody the moral voice and vision of his people. The Fifth Sun CD features a haunting musical score by The San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble and Xavier Quijas Yxayotl.

The Fifth Sun CD was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Charlotte, NC and stars David G. Holland, Meg Sohmer Wood, John Xenakis, Brett Mason, Dael Waxman, Sendy Mendez, Becky Brock, Zendyn Duellman, Roy E. Mills, Jr., and Laura Palka.


NICHOLAS A. PATRICCA is professor emeritus in the Theatre Program of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts at Loyola University Chicago, playwright in residence at Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago, and an ensemble member, TOSOS Theatre Collective, New York City.

ELIZABETH PETERSON-VITA, Ph.D., is co-founder and Creative Director of Actors Scene Unseen.  She is a clinical psychologist and award-winning theatre director with parallel interests in world history and mythology.  She is also an actor, writer, and freelance film and theatre reviewer.

JAMES VITA is President of CSCi Multimedia and the Executive Producer of Actors Scene Unseen. James Vita has studied lighting, sound, and projection design with Broadway masters Jules Fisher, Kevin Adams, Wendall K. Harrington, and Abe Jacob, and has produced the technical designs for all of Actors Scene Unseen’s award-winning productions. James Vita’s company, Actors Scene Unseen, is a full voting member in the Grammy Recording Academy and the Producers and Engineers Wing (NYC Chapter).

The Fifth Sun on audio CD was produced by Actors Scene Unseen (a production of Colorview Software, Inc.). Actors Scene Unseen was winner of five 2009 Metrolina Theatre Association awards for its staged production of The Turn of the Screw by Jeffrey Hatcher. Also in 2009, Actors Scene Unseen’s CD production of Gilgamesh – A Verse Play was nominated for Best Spoken Word CD in the Just Plain Folks Awards.

2011 Spoken Word Grammy Entry:  The Fifth Sun CD

The Fifth Sun CD is available now on CD Baby and Amazon.

Coming Soon to iTunes and other fine Digital Distribution channels. Visit

for more information about the production and to order the CD.

Reviews of The Fifth Sun CD are welcome. Complimentary copies for the press are available upon request.
Contact Person: James Vita, Executive Producer
Company Name: Actors Scene Unseen / Colorview Software, Inc.
Company Mailing Address: PO Box 77249, Charlotte, NC 28271
Tel: 704-533-1187
Email Address:

Hear an audio trailer and read more about the production at our website:

Since its world premiere in Chicago in 1984 at Victory Gardens Theater under the direction of Dennis Začek, The Fifth Sun has been produced

world-wide and has been translated into several languages. The Fifth Sun is published in English and Spanish by the Dramatic Publishing Company

The Fifth Sun graphics courtesy of Victory Gardens Theater

The Fifth Sun CD was just issued and is available from CD Baby

From Michael Moore’s newsletter:

March 29th, 2010 8:25 AM

Official El Salvador apology for Oscar Romero’s murder

El  Salvador’s President Mauricio Funes has issued an official apology for the murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero by a right-wing death squad 30 years ago.

Mr Funes, the first left-wing leader since the country’s civil war ended in 1992, said Archbishop Romero was a “victim of illegal violence”.

Archbishop Romero was shot dead as he celebrated Mass on 24 March 1980.

He was a champion of the poor and had made repeated calls for an end to political violence in El Salvador.

Romero’s legacy

“I am seeking pardon in the name of the state,” Mr Funes said as he unveiled a mural honouring Oscar Romero at El Salvador’s international airport.

The archbishop, he said, was a victim of right-wing death squads “who unfortunately acted with the protection, collaboration or participation of state agents”.

In 1993 a United Nations-sponsored truth commission concluded the archbishop’s assassination was carried out by a death squad under the orders of Roberto D’Aubuisson, a former army officer who died in 1992.

He founded the Nationalist Republican Alliance, or Arena Party, which governed El Salvador from 1989 until 2009.

Arena never accepted the commission’s findings.

No-one has ever been convicted in connection with Archbishop Romero’s murder.


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