Mexican Labor News and Analysis – edited by Dan LaBotz

August 2010, Vol. 15, No. 7

About Mexican Labor News and Analysis
Mexican Labor News and Analysis (MLNA) is produced in collaboration with the Authentic Labor Front (Frente Auténtico del Trabajo FAT) of Mexico and the United Electrical Workers (UE) of the United States, and with the support of the Resource Center of the Americas in Minneapolis, Minnesota. MLNA can be viewed at the UE’s international web site.

For information about direct subscriptions, submission of articles, and all queries contact editor Dan La Botz at the following e-mail address: or call in the U.S.(513) 861-8722. The U.S. mailing address is: Dan La Botz, Mexican Labor News and Analysis, 3503 Middleton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45220.

If there is no byline, republication is authorized if the reproduction includes the following paragraph: This article was published by Mexican Labor News and Analysis, a monthly collaboration of the Mexico City-based Authentic Labor Front (FAT) and the Pittsburgh-based United Electrical Workers (UE)
Contact: Editor Dan La Botz at or 513-861-8722. For a free e-mailed subscription, sign up at:

The UE Home Page which displays Mexican Labor News and Analysis has a complete Index of back issues.
Staff: Editor, Dan La Botz. Frequent Contributors: David Bacon, Fred Rosen.

* Alert: Renewed Aggression Against Bankworkers Union, SUNTBANOBRAS
* Victory for workers! Agreement reached at Johnson Controls
* Workers at General Tire Overwhelmingly Beat Back Charro Take-Over
* SME Leadership Analyses Situation; Plans Major Mobilization September 15, Additional Steps
* Calderón’s Drug War Fails; Deaths, Costs Mount; Dangers Loom
* Mexican Miners Win Important Victory at Cananea
*Grupo Mexico and Mexican Labor Secretary Defy Court Order
*Steel Workers Send Observers to Mexican Mine
* Press Release from the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores Mineros, Metalúrgicos, Siderúrgicos y Similares de la Republica Mexicana
*Unions Divided as New Investors Acquire Mexicana
*No Progress in U.S.-Mexico Truck Dispute; Mexico To Raise Tariffs
*Oil Workers at Sea Without a Safety Net
*Labor Law Reform Debated in the Mexican Congress
*Labor Shorts
*Social Statistics
*Job Postings


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