Dave Marsh on the US Social Forum

Tales from the Land of Hope and Dreams  by Dave Marsh

I had quite an experience at the U.S. Social Forum (ussf2010.org) on Saturday. It came at a workshop on the League of Revolutionary Black Workers (http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/rbwstudy.html) that I attended with my friend, Marian Baker of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization(mwro.org). Her husband, General Baker, of the League of

General Baker

Revolutionaries for a New America (lrna.org), was chairing a discussion by veterans of the League (and its predecessors, DRUM and ELRUM). The next thing I knew, Marian had hauled me  up to the tables at the front of the room and told me to pull a chair next to Gen. I felt pretty weird, the only white guy on the dais and, I think, the only male in the room wearing a collared shirt with long sleeves. Then again, I was sitting next to people I’d known for a few decades. I just could’t figure out what it looked like.  Click here to read more. . .

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