People’s Tribune, June 2010, on line

The current issue of the People's Tribune asks: "Which Way for America"?

Which way for US education?  How is it possible to foreclose on . . . the homeless?  Isn’t it time to nationalize the energy industries and prosecute the criminals who run them now?  These and many other stories can be found in the June People’s Tribune, which focuses on the causes of the 20,000 activists who, at the time of publication, were on their way to the epicenter of the manufacturing rust belt depression, Detroit.  The paper not only examines the questions that the growing movements have been posing, but brings out some of their answers as well.  Click here to get to the People’s Tribune web site!

The following poem, from the June issue, accompanies the article entitled:  “Defense of the Immigrant is the Path to Democracy for All”:


who came over a desert of his own bones

who came thru the burning heart of his own survival

who came to plant illegal kisses on the smallest cheek

who died coming

and then outlived his own dying

to bring his decency

Thousands converge in Phoenix to protest Arizona’s fascist legislation, SB 1070, that could affect everyone’s by Rudy Corral

into the factories of prisons

to unlock them with his simply human

and that was his offense

in the place he graces

with simple human beauty

with his coming and being: hermano!

y tu hermana

—Sarah Menefee


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