To All Chicago Based Artists — from Amy Partridge


As you may know, Rogers Park was the FIRST PLACE in the US to engage a PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING process in the disbursement of public funds!

HERE IS HOW IT WORKED:  last year the residents of Rogers Park DECIDED HOW TO SPEND the $1.5 million in “menu money” –dispersed to all 50 wards in the City of Chicago each year.  Ideas were generated through a COMMUNITY FORUM process, these ideas were TRANSFORMED INTO PROPOSALS through a community research process, and these proposals were COLLECTED ONTO A BALLOT!  All RESIDENTS over the age of 16–regardless of citizenship status!–VOTED FOR THE 8 PROJECTS that looked best to them!

One of the projects CHOSEN BY THE PEOPLE is the Rogers Park Mass Underpass Mural Project, which will FUND 12 ARTISTS $5,500 each to design & implement a MURAL on the CTA & METRA UNDERPASSES throughout Roger’s Park this summer & fall.

So now IT’S YOUR TURN TO PARTICIPATE in the first WPA-style project of this, the most recent, depression!!  WE WANT YOU, or your collective, or the young people you work with, or the students you teach, or the artists in the communities in which you work & to which you belong, to submit a mural design & application–by July 16!

Download an application at this link:

Find out more about Participatory Budgeting at this link:

Please spread the good news far & wide!
AP (Amy Partridge)
Chair, Arts & Other Committee
RP Participatory Budgeting Process


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