Health Care, Education, Other Issues at US Social Forum

The US Social Forum kicks off in 5 days.  There are many vital workshops and other kinds of interactive programs planned.

  • The first two hours of the USSF (Tues. June 22, 10 am to 12 pm)   is dedicated to highlighting Detroit, the epicenter of the current depression.  This gives some idea of what will be happening in this two hour period (the number of simultaneous workshops boggles the mind):

National Welfare Rights Union Cobo Hall W 2-64 (also Sat. 6/26/2010 10 am 12 pm)

People’s Water Board  Cobo Hall D2-09  (also Sat.)

Centro Obrero    Cobo Hall O2-43  (also Sat.)

History of Labor in Detroit  Cobo Hall W2-63

  • Teachers for Social Justice at the USSF: Another Education is Possible at the US Social Forum! Join TSJ at the US Social Forum in Detroit– June 22nd to June 26th. We’ve partnered with progressive education groups around the country to put on a workshop and People’s Movement Assembly– we’d love to see you all there! Another Education is Possible: WEDNESDAY JUNE 23rd 3:30-5:30 Cobo Hall: W2-58
  • Another Education is Happening:  Education for Emancipation and Transformation PMA Thur., 6/24/10, 1-5 pm, Cobo Hall D 2-15

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