How Teachers Are Fired — Earl Kelly Prince in Substance News

[As usual, we must turn to Substance News to explode education myths.  One such myth is that a teaching job is guaranteed, a sinecure.  The history is much more complex, and Earl Kelly Prince demystifies it for us in this April 2005 article.  Called the “Amendatory Act,” this innocuously named leglislation allowed Mayor Daley to take over operation of the school system and drastically weaken tenure.  And, in explaining history, Prince helps explain the significance of the seniority system. The real rationale behind the seniority system for all workers — and its a myth to think of teachers as anything but workers — is the insecurity that faces all older workers in our capitalist economy.  — Lew Rosenbaum]

Union News:  The Challenge Ahead

By Earl Kelly PrinceEarl Prince

Now more than ever the survival of the Chicago Teachers Union depends on the education and commitment of its members.

In order for us to understand the imperative of maintaining a real union and the absolute necessity of regaining and protecting tenure, we must reflect on the history of the CTU and of tenure.  Click here to read more.


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