With 75% of the Vote Counted . . . Report by Sharon Schmidt in Substance News

CORE leads vote count

Sharon Schmidt – June 11, 2010

CORE is leading the CTU vote, with approximately 75 percent of the votes counted. At 10:15 p.m. tonight the American Arbitration Association released the following numbers:

15,215 votes counted

UPC: 6,201

CORE: 8,261

The difference in the ballots counted and the slate results occurs because the above results show only the straight-ticket ballots.

The ballots came from high schools and elementary schools. The mail ballot count — about 600 votes — has not been released.

CORE’s lead is substantial and should hold through the rest of the count.

“The way these numbers have come in it’s clear that CORE has won a substantial victory,” Substance editor and CORE observer George N. Schmidt said. “We’ll report the final numbers tomorrow when we have them.”

Schmidt, other vote observers, and the CTU canvassing committee will remain at the AAA offices on Michigan Avenue until the vote is completed, sometime tomorrow morning.

Observers have been at the AAA offices since 1:00 p.m. when the ballot boxes were first opened. The electronic scanning began at about 2:30, Schmidt reported.

[At this time, CORE has not yet announced the victory on their web site;  be sure to check their site as well for updated news: http://coreteachers.com/.

Take note also of this excellent article in the Chicago Reader by Ben Joravsky.  The question of privatization is not always as clear as it might be, and Joravsky has labored mightily for years to follow taxpayer money into the coffers of private industry through the medium of Tax Increment Financing districts, or TIFs.  In this election he has focused attention on the loss of money destined to finance public services like schools by giving tax breaks to institutions like retail businesses. It is one avenue for increasing school funding that  CORE is investigating as well.


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