May 9 Automation and Robotics News from Tony Zaragoza

Automation and Robotics News–May 9, 2010

Highlights: Automation Company first quarter reports (Rockwell automation profits booming, Swiss automation giant ABB on a global roll, Siemens earnings surge, Honeywell sales up, iRobot profit and salses up), Worker shortage in China?, Longshore workers and automation,  More Green Jobs for Robots, World’s Quickest Robot, Philippine Election Automation, Da Vinci Troubles, Moon Robots, and more…

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  • Can robots stop Gulf of Mexico oil spill?

Tim Hornyak, April 26, 2010

Officials have dispatched robotic submarines to try to stop oil leaking from a sunken rig on the Gulf of Mexico 130 miles southeast of New Orleans.

  • Gulf Coast oil spill responders employ latest tech

Daniel Terdiman, Fri Apr 30 2010

Oil spill cleanup is largely a low-tech field, but there are an increasing number of new technologies being used in the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

  • Researcher offers arm to knife-wielding robot

Tim Hornyak Sun May 9 2010

A German researcher gives a robot a few knives–as well as his own arm–to play with. A collision avoidance system he and his colleagues are testing may help prevent injury by robot.

  • Robot orchestra to rock world music in L.A.

Posted by Tim Hornyak,  Wed May 5 2010

Karmetik Machine Orchestra is a group of robot and human musicians based at CalArts that blends electronic and world music. Check out their unusual grooves.

  • Honeywell buys into building-efficiency software

Martin LaMonica, Fri May 7 2010

Building automation giant buys Akuacom, a small company that makes software for demand-response and smart-grid programs.

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