Witness to Canadian Harvest Pilgrims

This video gives the impressions of photographer Vincenzo Pietropaolo about the subjects of his more than 20 years visiting farms in Ontario. These are not pictures steeped in pity or sorrow.  They evoke the lives and strengths of workers placed in an impossible position. In these

Harvest Pilgrims, published by Between The Lines press.

photographs you see workers who labor to put cabbage, cauliflower, corn and other vegetables on the Canadian table, only to return to their families in the off season.  Their visas require that they remain on the farms of the employer who hires them — there is no free market for labor here.  And they cannot bring their families with them, thus stabilizing the need for transience. The grief and the joy express themselves in the Mexican worker, caught in the act of crying on his return after 8 months separation from his family.  Bitter tears over separation, tears of joy on seeing his sister again.  The video can be seen here: The book Harvest Pilgrims is available through Between The Lines Press


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