Neighborhood Writing Alliance Events in May

May is an action-packed month for us at NWA and we hope to see you at our events, especially the 2010 Every Person Is a Philosopher Annual Benefit!

As you may know, NWA’s annual benefit features a conversation between award-winning author Achy Obejas and Chicago Public Radio personality Tony Sarabia.

We are also thrilled to present two of our outstanding NWA participants who will be reading their own writing. One of these writers, Phillis Humphries, has been a member of the Hall Branch Library writing workshop for three years, and is a regular volunteer at the NWA office. Phillis, an active community member who serves as a medical advocate for rape victims and is a former facilitator for Healing Racism, believes in the “greatness that comes from artists from all sides of the city.” In her own words, Phillis says: “Being part of Neighborhood Writing Alliance has reawakened in me what my purpose for writing should be; the something ‘more’ I should be using my voice and writing for. The Neighborhood Writing Alliance has opened up something in my life, something personal and far-reaching.”

See all events at this link:


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