America According to Davey D. — As The Poor Get Poorer, Watch the Police

[Davey D. is arguably the most influential journalist in the hip hop community.  He casts his perceptive eye here at the depression in America and the forboding future. — Lew Rosenbaum.]

As the Poor Get Poorer Look for Brutalizing Police to become the New ‘Buffer’ Middle Class Set to Protect the Rich

Posted on April 19, 2010 by Davey D

I been saying this for a minute and will most likely do a show on this later this week. But as the economy worsens and the gap between the Have and Have Nots widens we are going to have some serious problems. One disturbing note is that an estimated 75% of the people do not trust the government. That’s playing out with the rise of militias, increasing threats by Tim McVeigh like domestic terrorists and just an overall overt disrespect for anyone in office. A lot of anger has been directed at President Obama, but increasingly more and more ire is being turned toward anyone in office.

Part of what has driven this is the nagging perception is that the those in office work for the rich and powerful and not for the people. There’s a lot of media middleman efforts seemingly designed to keep people’s anger directed at politicians and not the rich and powerful figures behind the scenes who are driving policy. It’s only a matter of time before folks come to realize that no real changes are gonna take place until the proverbial Wall Street fat cats are put in place.  Sadly they seem to realize this as well.

Now once upon a time the Aristocratic class and Land Barons who ran this country realized it was just a matter of time before their African slaves and white (European) indentured servants would come to realize as they were working side by side on the fields they were being smashed on by the same person. They feared these lower class folks would rise up and turn on the rich and so these Aristocrats did a couple of things. First they elevated the status of the indentured servant. They were granted more privileges than their African counterparts and were literally told they were better. Many were given overseer status. Their job was to keep everyone especially the African slaves in check and basically protect the rich land owners.The overseers became the first police officers.

The original concern from our founding fathers was to protect the rich and powerful from the poor they were exploiting

Next they put laws in place that would protect them from the ‘Tyranny of the majority’. This is one of the basis for the Federalist Papers put forth by early president James Madison. As Professor and fellow radio host Dr Jared Ball once explained to me…The ‘tyranny of the majority’ the Aristocratic class was afraid of was the poor . . . READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE.


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