Fun Fight For Freedom — updates on Free Speech Art Movement by Chris Drew


Cuffed. Artist Chris Drew is arrested for giving away art

100 Designs and counting!

FreeSAM Newsletter

Here is the link to the recent WBEZ Chicago Public Radio link to the report by Lynette Kalsnes on artists’ free speech fight we are waging. It is a national fight. Speech is not a privilege, it is a right. A license is for a privilege and a right should require no license.

I met another video artist with a web presence at the anti-war rally I attended on March 18th and he posted a valuable video worth watching and re-posting the link for others to see. We are developing the discussion on our rights and by doing so – the foundation for us to win our full speech rights. It is a long road. If we pave the road with art it will be a fun road with lots of exciting moments.

Felony Eavesdropping Court Process/Timetable

Tomorrow, Friday March 26th I will be in court at 10:00am at 26th and California in room 602 to submit our motion to dismiss the 1st class felony eavesdropping charges against me. This is about Freedom. I attempted to follow the rules to test a City law in court, the peddlers license law, a misdemeanor. The City, with its corrupt methods, is miss applying a poorly written eavesdropping law to me, an artist seeking First Amendment rights for myself and others to express themselves and survive by their artwork in public in Chicago. I have harmed no-one yet the State wants to treat me like a convict one step below a murderer. This is intimidation to silence me.

This felony case for eavesdropping is not a diversion. On my blog you can read why the eavesdropping law needs changing. Read how an officer was embarrassed by an audio-recording and consider what this means for you and your cell phone in the future.

Art Patch Project Friday Afternoon
So we will give art away in the Art Patch Project tomorrow. We will meet at 3pm in front of the Arts Institute at Adams and Michigan Avenue. We arrive at the Picasso Plaza by 5:00 and network with the Chicago Critical Mass until they leave sometime after 6:00.

*Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center Website

* “Free Speech in an Open Society” by Rodney A. Smolla is a great primer toward understanding First Amendment case law. Google it for a great read on the topic.


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