Students Bring THEIR Bill of Rights to the School Board – by Jim Vail, in Substance News

[Jim Vail writing for Substance News describes the January 27 School Board Meeting: Go to the Substance News website to get the story.
“Especially moving was the testimony of the students from Julian, Social Justice and Clemente. One student asked Mr. Huberman directly ‘why is there only a bill of rights for students after their school is closed, not all the time?’ It took the Board by surprise, and they had to admit their testimony was strong, powerful and convincing. ”   — Lew Rosenbaum]
January 27, 2010 Chicago Board of Education meeting… More Demanding an End to Renaissance Closings

Jim Vail – January 28, 2010

"Bill of Rights" for students at schools to be closed, unveiled Jan. 17 by Schools CEO Ron Huberman. Photo by George Schmidt for Substance News.

The heat was turned up at the Chicago Board of Education meeting Wednesday, January 27, 2010, as parents, students, teachers and other community members spoke out against Mayor Richard Daley’s plan to continue closing public schools. The latest list of schools facing closings, consolidations, phase outs and “turnaround” — 14 schools in all — was announced by CEO Ron Huberman, Daley’s latest appointee, on January 19, and people began mobilizing in opposition to the actions immediately. The January 27 meeting was the first indication of how widespread the opposition was going to be.
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