Selected Upcoming Events

TEACHERS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE (Chicago)                                                                                                             UPCOMING TSJ EVENTS:

January 15, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
ItAG Kickoff Night  (ItAGs are Inquiry to Action Groups that investigate a particular area of education and develop a practical activity based on the inquiry. See website — link on the right sidebar — for ItAGs that will be launched and more info)
Decima Musa
1900 S Loomis
Meet the facilitators and other ItAG participants

January 16  11AM – 1PM
First TSJ meeting of 2010
UIC College of Education
1040 W. Harrison, Room 3008 (Harrison & Morgan), Blue Line UIC stop
Discussion/analysis of Renaissance 2010, national significance,  and TSJ’s position
Planning actions, projects, events and how to get involved


January 16, Vigil for immigrants rights in Logan Square.  Click on this link for a flyer with information on this event, in PDF format, Spanish and English:January Prayer Vigil Flyer



Celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with hundreds of your brothers and sisters as we call for good jobs and immigrant worker rights!

Community members, congressmen, and elected officials, labor leaders, faith leaders will honor of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by affirming our commitment to rebuild our cities. Full and fair employment and fair immigration reform are necessary components of working communities.

We need to join together to demand an economy that honors all work and workers.

Saturday, January 16th

1:30-2:30 P.M. (Seating begins at 1:00pm)

First Baptist Congregational Church

1613 W. Washington

Endorsed by Northside Action for Justice, Chicago Jobs with Justice, IL Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Rainbow PUSH, South Austin Coalition, IL AFL-CIO and other groups.



January 18 –  Public Workers March for Jobs (See link to CORE website in sidebar at right  for more information)

MLK Day March for Public Service Jobs

MLK March

CTA management is threatening to lay off 1,000 bus drivers on February 7th. CPS plans to close or turnaround another 25-30 schools, displacing hundreds of teachers, PSRPs, and career service workers.  With unemployment at a 30 year high and families more dependent on food stamps and medicaid than ever, caseworkers have unworkable caseloads of up to 2200 families.

CORE is endorsing a Martin Luther King Day March by Public Workers Unite! at 11AM on January 18th.  The march will start at CTA Headquarters  at 567 W. Lake and continue on to the Board of Education before ending at the State of Illinois Building.   Come out to fight the rampant privatization in this city and defend public services and public service jobs.


Janaury 27, 2010  Discussion and book signing with Garry Wills

Garry Wills – Bomb Power: The Modern Presidency and the National Security State

Wed, 01/27/2010 – 6:00pm

In Bomb Power, Garry Wills reveals how the atomic bomb transformed our nation down to its deepest constitutional roots-by dramatically increasing the power of the modern presidency and redefining the government as a national security state-in ways still felt today. A masterful reckoning from one of America’s preeminent historians, Bomb Power draws a direct line from the Manhattan Project to the usurpations of George W. Bush.

The invention of the atomic bomb was a triumph of official secrecy and military discipline-the project was covertly funded at the behest of the president and, despite its massive scale, never discovered by Congress or the press. This concealment was perhaps to be expected in wartime, but Wills persuasively argues that the Manhattan Project then became a model for the covert operations and overt authority that have defined American government in the nuclear era. The wartime emergency put in place during World War II extended into the Cold War and finally the war on terror, leaving us in a state of continuous war alert for sixty-eight years and counting.

The bomb forever changed the institution of the presidency since only the president controls “the button” and, by extension, the fate of the world. Wills underscores how radical a break this was from the division of powers established by our founding fathers and how it in turn has enfeebled Congress and the courts. The bomb also placed new emphasis on the president’s military role, creating a cult around the commander in chief. The tendency of modern presidents to flaunt military airs, Wills points out, is entirely a postbomb phenomenon. Finally, the Manhattan Project inspired the vast secretive apparatus of the national security state, including intelligence agencies such as the CIA and NSA, which remain largely unaccountable to Congress and the American people.

Wills recounts how, following World War II, presidential power increased decade by decade until reaching its stunning apogee with the Bush administration. Both provocative and illuminating, Bomb Power casts the history of the postwar period in a new light and sounds an alarm about the continued threat to our Constitution.


Newberry Library
60 W. Walton Street
Chicago, Illinois 60610

Presented by Seminary Co-op Bookstores


January 31  at Women and Children First Books

Louise Cainkar

Sun, 01/31/2010 – 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Louise Cainkar reads and discusses her new book:

Homeland Insecurity: The Arab American and Muslim American Experience After 9/11 $35.00 ISBN-13: 9780871540485 (hard cover)

In Homeland Insecurity, Marquette University professor Cainkar argues that 9/11 did not create anti-Arab or anti-Muslim suspicion, but rather that socially constructed images and social and political exclusion existed long before these attacks, creating an environment in which post 9/11 misunderstanding, hostility, and racial profiling could thrive. Focusing on the Chicago Metropolitan area, Cainkar bases her research on of interviews and in-depth oral histories with native-born and immigrant Palestinians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Yemenis, Sudanese, Jordanians, and others.

Location: Women & Children First
5233 N. Clark St.
Chicago, Illinois 60640


February 11, 2010 This is Athol Fugard winter in Chicago, with three excellent theatre groups performing three of Fugard’s very important plays.  TimeLine Theater is performing Master Harold and the Boys as a fund raiser for CORE, the Caucus Of Rank-and-file Educators. See the CORE link to the right for more details.

Master Harold and The Boys Fundraiser

masterHaroldTickets are now available for Master Harold and the Boys at Timeline Theatre on February 11, 7:30 p.m.  This award-winning play which was banned in South Africa when it was first produced in 1982, is now being made into a film in that country.  The work of author Athol Fugard is distinguised for conveying strong political messages without being dogmatic.

There will also be a post performance discussion with the actors and the director on that evening for those who are interested in discussing the themes of the play. Tickets are $35.00 each.

Please contact for tickets.

NOTE:   performances of the Fugard plays by these three Chicago theaters can be found at the FugardChicago website:

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  1. Carl McGinnis Says:

    Will someone please fix the broken Immigration system. And may God please forgive america for what we have done.
    This post comes from Carl McGinnis, a citizen of the United States, who has seen the horrors of immigrant detention after ICE detained his legal immigrant friend. He tells us that it is not just about undocumented immigrants but even people who follow the rules get burned in our archaic and inhumane immigration system].
    I am a citizen of the United States and I have a friend that is from Paris, France here on a student visa with a double Masters Degree and working on his PhD in International Finance. He has been here since 2005. His visa is valid until March of 2010, his passport is valid until 2014, and his I-20 is current. He is not what people call an ‘illegal immigrant.’ In 2007, he fell in love and in Dec. 2008 married a U.S. citizen that just happens to be addicted to prescription medications. He knew nothing about this. But he was arrested due to her mistakes. The reality is that his American wife was taking advantage of him and when his money was gone so was she. Janet Napolitano just wants to deport him rather than correct the problem, and make the American accountable. This is wrong. We should have some sort of protection built into the system. Judge Rex Ford would not listen to reason without the wife in court and all witnesses were not given time to testify. This is not what I thought American Justice was all about. I was wrong. It is all a game our Government plays with our lives.
    He was placed in detention and scheduled for deportation. He has been in the detention center in Pompano Beach Florida for 6 months now. This couple has lost all there savings on lawyers, she lost her job, and they are in the process of losing their home. All this was caused because ICE has the wrong person in jail.
    I have written many letters to Janet Napolitano, Senator Bill Nelson, Representative Ginny Brown-Waite and even President Obama. But no one will listen. What is illegal in this case is the way DHS is treating this guy, who is 51 and has never had a traffic violation. While in the detention center, He has been beaten by another inmate and suffered cracked ribs and bruised body, denied him food and proper medical treatment. He is diabetic and they will not give him the proper food or medical attention. The phone system is very poor and hardly works. I suspect that they plan it that way so the detainees cannot contact their lawyers and family. I fear he will be next on the long list of persons that have died while in detention. I beg for someone to go and listen to his story. They do not allow any form of media in because they don’t want anyone to know what they are doing.
    Until you go to one of these detention centers and see with your own eyes, you will not believe what America is doing. I was shocked, on my first visit and after almost 6 months of seeing what happens and how they have to live, I am still in shock. It is all about the money. My friend has never cost America anything until they locked him up. He is in a private prison owned by a company called GEO based near Miami, Florida. They are paid very well by our tax dollars, but the treatment is unbelievable. I wonder how many politicians have stock in this company. They are doing quite well even in a bad economy.
    Six months ago I had no idea that we treated immigrants in this way, especially when they are here legally and have done nothing wrong. I knew nothing about ICE and how they operate illegally. I was under the impression that DHS was here only to protect us from terrorists. And I had no idea of the millions of our tax dollars were being wasted to imprison people that could be out of detention and have their family support them until a decision is made in immigration court. I do not understand why we have to pay our hard earned tax dollars to house and feed persons that are not dangerous.
    When they have to lock up a man who has done nothing wrong, make him spend thousands in fees, ICE is giving way too much importance to them selves. How can we turn such educated people away simply to boost the ego of ICE officers and add another number to the Janet Napolitano deportation list, so that the Obama Administration can look like it is doing its job of ‘cracking down on criminals?’
    Something has to change soon. I feel it is my duty as an American to let as many people as possible know the truth. I visit the detention center every Saturday and spend the rest of the week writing letters. This New Year, lets do something worthwhile. Let’s go back to protecting the country rather than making up stories to justify the expansion of a national security complex. Let’s end businesses profiting from immigrant detention and restore our image as a nation of immigrants.

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