News from Teachers for Social Justice and the TSJ Curriculum Fair

TSJ curriculum fair - Association of Raza Educators keynote the meeting - photo by pidge

Chris Drew demonstrates his free speech art silk screening project - photo by pidge

Thanks from the Curriculum Fair and Next Steps – Get involved!
Thanks everyone for coming to the Teaching for Justice Curriculum  Fair and adding to the vibrancy of the TSJ community. The energy, conversation, passion, and commitment were really inspiring. Thank you!!! We are so grateful to all of the event organizers, educators, presenters, youth workers, administrators, cultural workers, activists, parents, students, and young folks who came out. The conference was put on completely by dozens of amazing volunteers with no paid staff or foun

Ron Towns discusses how math can be learned using social justice models - photo by pidge

dation funding. This is a grassroots project and the critical mass of volunteers and activists is truly inspiring. It felt like the education movement we are building.

There were over 700 attendees, 30 Teacher curriculum exhibitors, 38 resource tables, 9 workshops, art, t-shirts, books, and more.

• Keynote speakers, the Association of Raza Educators (ARE) from California emphasized the struggle to remake the world is a collective one, not about individuals. It takes organization, analysis, courage, and humility.
• TSJ delegates to Honduras shared the stories of the Honduran people’s struggle for democracy and the leading role of teachers.
• CORE gave us the lowdown on building a social justice teachers union.
• CYIC inspired and challenged us to stand up with them for education justice.

• The Committee for Safe Passage to School, mothers of Fenger students living in Altgeld Gardens, made us all aware of

Teachers for Social Justice table at entrance to Curriculum Fair – photo by pidge

their righteous struggle to reclaim their neighborhood school.
• Kevin Coval and Young Chicago Authors closed it out with words and rhymes to move us forward.

Get involved and help bring this energy to your school, community, students and youth, and into the struggles we are waging for education justice in the city.

Help evaluate the curriculum fair, ideas for next steps and how everyone can be involved:   4:00-5:30
Honduras Delegation Report Back  5:30-7:00

Decima Musa, 19th & Loomis

Planning next steps, committees, activities
11:00 – 1:00
UIC College of Education, 1040 W. Harrison (Harrison & Morgan), 3rd floor



Teachers for Social Justice (Chicago)


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