Teaching for a New America



The context of the fight for public education is the growing militarization and corporatization of public services.  How do we understand the world we are in and the ways to achieve the goal of quality education for all?  Please join the Chicago LRNA Education Committee and the Rally Comrades editor Brooke Heaggerty when we look at how corporate developments influence

Teaching for a New America

In a number of social spheres we are seeing services long considered the right of the public turned over to private investors.  Prisons and schools are prime examples, two of the largest employers in the country.  At the same time, large industries long considered the foundation of the private sector are seeing large amounts of government investment that is sometimes called “government ownership” or even “socialism.”  These issues, that seem to express contradictory motions, have raised  questions about what appears to be a crossroads in our history.

We’ve asked the editor of Rally Comrades to discuss with us this crossroads in the light of two articles that recently appeared in the journal (links below):  What do fascism and socialism look like in the perspective of 21st century US experience?

brooke_heagerty-colorBrooke Heagerty, Ph.D. is co-author of Moving Onward: From Racial Division to Class Unity. She is working on a new book on Celia, the slave, that will look at how the history of slavery affects us today. She writes and speaks on women, racism, the police state, global repression and the new poverty. She is a founding member of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America, and editor of it’s newspaper, Rally Comrades!

See: “The Changing Form of the State” : http://www.lrna.org/2-pt/v16ed4art5.html

“Fascist Movement Gaining Force” : http://www.lrna.org/2-pt/v19ed3art5.html

Join us in conversation

Sunday, November 15

1628 N. California (just north of North Ave.)

11 AM to 1 PM

Bagels and Cream Cheese Brunch

hosted by

Chicago Education Committee of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America


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