Mad As Hell Doctors in Chicago

You may not have heard of the SK Tool Company before.  If the Teamster Local 743 and the Mad As Hell Doctors have anything to say about it, the name will be emblazoned in your memory.  Not because it is an exemplary employer.  No.  As Norma Trinidad, one of the striking workers, explained to me today, they have been off work for 30 days protesting the company’s arbitrary withdrawal of their health insurance.  Workers only found out about this when they noticed their co-pay not being deducted from their checks, or perhaps were refused care when they went to see their doctors.  The owner of SK, by the way is French, Ms. Trinidad told me, so he doesn’t have to worry about health care.  The French system is famously universal.

So Local 743 strikers were delighted to receive the Mad As Hell Doctors Care-avan when it rolled into town.  And as workers and the doctors and local Chicago supporters talked to each other, held signs supporting single payer health care, truckers and other motorists drove by honking their horns.  Washington has not yet heard the demands for health care coming from 47th Street in Chicago.  Maybe they have ear plugs on.  Maybe we all can help with a political ear-plug-ectomy, at least to force a floor discussion of HR 676, the single payer bill that only one or two politicians in Washington want to talk about.


11 AM  Saturday Sept. 26
Town Hall Meeting
at the University of Illinois
School of Pharmacy
Hall 134
833 So. Wood

There will be a press conference following the Town Hall at the Pharmacy School.  Some of the Docs will appear on the Dick Kay show, “Back on the Beat,”  3 pm.


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